Are you looking for a place that will take care of all types of pets for you to when you’re on vacation or away and give you piece of mind that your best friend is well looked after? If so, then please come and visit us today at Lornewood Kennels & Cattery. We love animals and house many different types - from cats and dogs to guinea pigs and rabbits – we take care of them all. We are animal lovers just like you and want all of the pets that we take care of to be happy during their stay with us. 

Easy booking service

Young women feeding the animals
We would love to take care of your animals whether you are away for one night or a month or two. Our booking system makes it easy to book on line or give us a call. We welcome any enquiries or vists.


View of pets roaming in the room
No matter what kind of pet you need to be looked after when you come and visit us, we’ll be able to give your pet the exact treatment that you want – after all, nothing is too good for your best friend! 


View of dogs at the facility
We pride ourselves on having great facilities for all of the animals that stay with us. Our great heating system ensures that all of the animals that stay with us are warm, comfortable and happy. As well as that we've got a huge run so all of the pets that stay with us can go outside and get plenty of exercise to make sure that they're happy and healthy when you come to pick them up.


All of our animals get a 5-star treatment when they stay with us. We feed them healthy and nutritious food and take them for plenty of walks in our large run. This ensures that all of the animals we have will be as happy when you left them here, if not more!
So what are you waiting for? If you're going away soon and need somebody to take care of your beloved pet the next time you’ve got to be out of town, then come and pay us a visit today to inspect our 5-star facilities. We promise your best friend will have a great time staying with us!

Need somewhere to look after your best friend next time you’re out of town? Come and visit us at Lornewood Kennels & Cattery today! Call (03) 235 8563.

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